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International May Day 2015

Online Rally Sunday, May 3

Down with capitalism and imperialism!
Unite the working class internationally against war, dictatorship and poverty!
For peace, for equality, for socialism!

The international working class stands at a crossroads. The endless war drive of the imperialist powers threatens to unleash a Third World War, waged by nuclear-armed states, with catastrophic consequences for civilization. There is mass opposition throughout the world to perpetual war. This opposition must be coordinated and given conscious political expression.

The International Committee of the Fourth International is organizing the International May Day Online Rally to give voice to the workers of the world, the hundreds of millions of people looking for a way to stop the recklessness and criminality of the corporate and financial elite.

The slogans for this year’s May Day rally are:

Down with capitalism and imperialism!

The danger of world war arises from the accelerating drive by the imperialist powers to divide and redivide the world. The “war on terror” launched by the Bush administration nearly 15 years ago has been transformed into an unending campaign, led by the United States, to recolonize the globe through force.

Over the past year alone, the American ruling class has organized a right-wing coup in Ukraine targeting Russia, fomented civil war in Syria, sent forces back into Iraq, expanded military operations in Afghanistan, backed a new war in Yemen led by Saudi Arabia, and escalated a “pivot to Asia” aimed at encircling and isolating China.

The other imperialist powers are increasingly asserting their own interests. Germany is moving rapidly to remilitarize in a drive to once again dominate Europe. In Asia, the Japanese ruling class is casting off the restrictions imposed by its post-war constitution. All of the imperialist powers—including Britain, France, Germany, Canada and Australia—are taking full part in the struggle over power and spheres of influence.

Unite the working class internationally against war, dictatorship and poverty!

Opposition to war must be rooted in the working class of every country. The strongest bonds of international unity must be forged. Imperialist war is the predatory response of the financial aristocracy to the intractable crisis of world capitalism. Its counterpart is the unrelenting assault on the social and democratic rights of workers, combined with the expansion of the state apparatus of repression.

All the great issues confronting the working class—the growth of social inequality, endemic poverty and unemployment, the resort to authoritarian forms of rule, the explosion of police violence—are inseparably bound up with the fight against imperialist war.

For peace, for equality, for socialism!

The danger of war is rooted in the contradictions of world capitalism—the division of the global economy into competing nation-states, and the subordination of the productive forces of mankind to the accumulation of wealth and profit by the corporate and financial elite.

Another world war is not only possible, it is inevitable unless the international working class intervenes on the basis of an international, socialist and revolutionary program. Peace can be secured only through the establishment of a global economy based on equality and the rational and democratic planning of production to meet social need, not private profit.

The International May Day Online rally will organize workers and young people against imperialist war and capitalist plunder. Take part in this major world event! Register to participate today!

Rally Date and Time

Date: The rally will be held on Sunday, May 3, 2015

Location: Online, with physical locations in select cities.

A recording will be available for registrants after the event.

Time Zones

US Eastern Time: 2:00 pm
Los Angeles, California (PDT): 11:00 am
Mexico City, Mexico: 1:00 pm
Buenos Aires, Argentina: 3:00 pm
São Paulo, Brazil: 3:00 pm
London, England : 7:00 pm
Berlin, Germany: 8:00 pm
Cape Town, South Africa: 8:00 pm
Athens, Greece: 9:00 pm
Cairo, Egypt: 9:00 pm
Nairobi, Kenya: 9:00 pm
Istanbul, Turkey: 9:00 pm
Israel and Palestine: 9:00 pm
Moscow, Russia: 10:00 pm
India and Sri Lanka: 11:30 pm
Beijing, China: 2:00 am (May 4)
Sydney, Australia: 4:00 am (May 4)
Auckland, New Zealand: 6:00 am (May 4)

To find the time in your time zone, click here.

Initial Speakers List

David North, Chairman of the WSWS International Editorial Board
Peter Schwarz, Secretary of the International Committee of the Fourth International
Chris Marsden, National Secretary of the Socialist Equality Party (UK)
Julie Hyland, Assistant National Secretary of the SEP (UK)
Wije Dias, General Secretary of the SEP (Sri Lanka)
Uli Rippert, National Secretary of the Partei für Soziale Gleichheit (Germany)
James Cogan, National Secretary of the SEP (Australia)
Nick Beams, Socialist Equality Party (Australia)
Joseph Kishore, National Secretary of the SEP (US)
Andre Damon, National Secretary of the International Youth and Students for Social Equality (US)

Social Media

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